Spring 2022 Updates – Rockhaven News

Expecting beautiful tulips again in our gardens

Welcoming Spring here at Rockhaven!

This year we have many projects planned. We will be replacing an old wood and mesh fence with a black metal one, we will rebuild a portion of a stone retaining wall, and we will replace original front door and decorative garage lights with a uniform style and color. It should harmonize the look of the property.

Next year we will continue our gutter replacement project that we started last year, as we have already changed out more gutters this year.

And there’s more…

We are planning to have a welcoming picnic this year. Due to obvious reasons, the picnics during the past two years have been primarily for residents and Board only. We expect this year to include family and friends.

Rockhaven provides the grilled meats, condiments, corn on the cob, and drinks. Our residents and guests provide the sides and desserts. The date has not been confirmed, but it will be in August. We will keep you posted!!

Message from the Executive Director

Andrea Black, Executive Director

After a relatively mild winter, we thought spring had finally arrived. Now the temperature has dipped back down. I have had to shoo some small birds out of a broken street lamp before they could build a nest. There are blooming daffodils in front of the

Administration House, and soon we are expecting yellow, purple, white, and a variety of pink tulips to appear. Although a bumpy start, spring will be arriving soon.

And, I want to express gratitude for the strong team of Board members who bless Rockhaven. We have two members with human resource backgrounds, one with a law degree, one who is a licensed architect, two with broad gardening experience, one who has a banking background, and one who has longevity, having been on our Board for 20 years this coming December. Each one brings expertise and, more importantly, strong metaphysical support. Thank you all!