Chimney Make Over

The Administration House, where the Executive Director lives, got a chimney make over this past January.  The house, built in 1930 in the French Eclectic style, has a stucco structure covering the chimney with a copper ball on top.  The structure has been in need of repair for many years, but no contractor wanted to touch it as it is above the 3rd floor attic on a steep peeked roof.  Early this year we found a contractor willing to tackle it.  He and his father built a scaffolding to get up near the top and leaned ladders on the roof to get the remainder of the way up.  They then used the peaks (east/west and north/south) to support planks to stand on.  The weather cooperated (dry and mild) and the repair was finished within two weeks.  They replaced the round, horizontal tile flues, screened over them and re-stucco’ed the structure.   We no longer miss sweeping up the bits and pieces on the ground that were cascading down the roof from the crumbling original.

Img 3606 Chimney 1 23 A Img 6800 Chimney Repair