Rockhaven’s Natural Neighbors – Photos!


Nature surrounds us at Rockhaven. We have rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, voles, and moles. A bobcat was spotted leaving our property. And, of course, an occasional skunk has been spied, though fortunately not smelled. I have been trying to get a picture of one of our ubiquitous squirrels for the newsletter, and then this guy and approached me for this photo opportunity!

I saw the distinct silhouette of a heron walking in front of a resident’s apartment in the early morning. You can see hawks flying to the northwest of Rockhaven, where they have nests in the tall trees below our location. I have even seen them on the lawn in front of the Administration House. Carl spotted an oriole this past spring. And a small woodpecker has tested our house woodwork but, fortunately, did not stay. The bird might be more accurate than a building inspector! Currently, he seems to be enjoying an oak tree on the property.

Our garden is a draw for many birds and insects. Everyone can find something they like. We see bumble bees and butterflies, bright, attention-getting goldfinches, flocks of mourning doves, wrens, and tiny song sparrows; all natural neighbors, contributing to the active yet peaceful atmosphere here.