Just Moved to Glastonbury, Connecticut – A Real Joy!

Glastonbury, CT Community CenterThe town of Glastonbury has been a wonderful surprise! Quaint at every corner, it is still a vibrant, active community. I have attended the monthly Ukulele Band events at the Community Center. When I first heard about it, I thought ‘how hokey’ but was up for trying new things. The band itself is about 40 strong – yes, 40 members of all ages. They sit up in front and play, while the audience of about 150 sings along to the songs reading the words displayed on a screen. The songs are old (the Irish Lullaby) to popular (Beatles and Elvis) to folk (This Land) to fun (Splish Splash). It lasts one hour and is joyous.

I have also been recruited to help with the Civil Preparedness program in town. They walk in the Memorial Day Parade and help with crowd control at the summer outdoor concerts and at the Apple Festival in October.

Along with a group of Rockhaven residents, I attended a Coast Guard band presentation at the Glastonbury High School across the street one evening. I have met a local resident who wears a Santa suit at Christmas, sits on a nearby bench and waves at the cars going by even on the coldest days. I really look forward to more Glastonbury connections and activities.

– Andrea Black, Executive Director