Charitable Giving

Rockhaven has a tradition of selfless giving.  Beginning with a generous bequest by Stanley A. Mason, used to establish and build Rockhaven, and continuing over the years with large and small gifts from supporters, this cherished community continues to flourish.   As an established non-profit 501(c)(3) charitable organization, all donations are tax-deductible.   Here are a few options for giving.  No matter what gift-giving option you choose, you can be certain that your generosity will be deeply appreciated.

Current Gifts

If you’re able to do so, we encourage you to consider a current gift of cash securities, or other property.   You receive a tax deduction or tax avoidance on gain, and Rockhaven receives the immediate use of the gift to help maintain operation costs.

Deferred Gifts

Deferred giving allows individuals to plan for a significant charitable donation without depleting current assets.   You can pledge to make installment payments over several years.   Or, you may prefer to include a bequest to us.   Perhaps you have an insurance policy that is no longer needed for the reason you originally purchased it.   Your policy can be used to increase your gift to Rockhaven.

Life Income Gifts

This option allows you and a survivor, if you wish, to enjoy the lifetime benefits of your intended gift.   Along with the tax savings you will generate, you can actually increase your income when you transfer assets to a trust producing a higher yield than the property you donate.   After your lifetime use of the income, Rockhaven benefits by receiving the trust.

Before entering into any gift arrangements, you should contact your own attorney and financial advisor.   We would be happy to work with them in setting up the best gift option for your situation.

For more details about how you can help sustain Rockhaven, and at the same time provide yourself and/or your loved ones with personal financial benefits, contact:

Andrea Black, Executive Director
Rockhaven, 349 Hubbard Street
Glastonbury, Connecticut 06033
Telephone: 1-800-659-1412
Email address: