Executive Director’s Corner: “Two Years and Going Strong!”

The past two years have been a joy as I have gotten to know our residents, Rockhaven, and the Glastonbury area. My husband, Carl, and I have settled into our new home. We have shared meals with residents in our new home and at events on the property. The summer picnics and Christmas parties have been fun to host. Barbara Entress, my predecessor, has continued her summer rhubarb crisp tradition.

New Sheds at RockhavenA number of large projects have been completed. We have renovated four and a half apartments since I have been here. Barbara began one renovation and handed over her team of contractors, which has made each renovation smooth. Rockhaven purchased two garden sheds, which are snugged up to one of the garages and hold tools, equipment, and extra tables and chairs. A stone wall has been rebuilt, using cement to strengthen and secure it. And lastly, spray foam has been sprayed into the attic of the Administration House to help moderate the extreme temperatures of winter and summer.

As for the coming year, another long stone wall needs to be rebuilt, and since 22 tree stumps were removed from the property, new trees need to be planted to replace those old friends.